I have been in construction for many years and along the way I have observed that often times homeowners do not really understand how to choose the right contractor for their project. Whether it be a remodel, an addition, or just a refresh of a room, a homeowner needs to look at many factors, not just the cost.

Here are some of the factors that a homeowner should consider when hiring a general contractor or home builder:


1. What was your first impression of the contractor?

This is important as the contractor will be encompassed into the lives of you and your family and most times first impressions are correct.  Would you feel safe leaving your home while they are on the job?  Did they answer your questions straight-forward? Remember any home project has its own stresses and feeling uncomfortable with the contractor just adds another level of stress that is not needed.

2. What condition was the vehicle they were driving?

The vehicle does not need to be new, but if it is in good condition, you know the builder/contractor takes pride in their equipment.  How they take care of their equipment may be an indicator of how they will take care of your home.

3.  Was the contractor professional?

Did they listen to what you as a homeowner wanted and what your expectations for the home renovation or custom building project project were?  Communication is a vital part of any home improvement project.

4.  How was the contractor dressed?  Were they dressed neatly?

Even after a hard day’s work a contractor who cares about their appearance may indicate that they will take pride in their work.  

These factors may seem petty, but it does give you a glimpse at the way a builder or contractor will take care of your home and the quality of the project.